Recipe: Game-changing Socca Pizza

Socca Pizza

Towards the end of 2015 I discovered that I’m allergic to both gluten and egg white. Now I’m not a sweet tooth or a huge cake eater so it wasn’t the complete end of the world – but I do love pizza and I was scratching my head for breakfast ideas sans eggs (more on that another time).

In my quest for healthy gluten-free cuisine I could make at home (lots of gluten-free recipes feature weird “fake” ingredients like strange gums and powders), I stumbled across the miracle that is Socca. Socca is a Mediterranean marvel and is literally a game-changer – especially if, like me you are allergic to gluten, or are trying to cut down on wheat. Because it’s made with chickpea flour it’s higher in protein than traditional wheat pizza bases, and it uses just three pure, whole foods: the aforementioned flour (also sometimes called gram flour), filtered water, and seasonings like fresh herbs, garlic, salt and pepper.

I’ve used Socca flatbread to make a pizza (it’s totally amazing) and the other night I used it in place of tacos for some pretty unreal fish tacos (maybe I will post the recipe for that another time).

For the Socca Pizza recipe and step-by-step head over to The Huntr here and get excited – healthy, gluten-free pizza is but 10 minutes away. Yum.

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Socca Pizza with mozerella, cheddar and raw chopped spinach