Travel: One of the best places to spend a summer afternoon in New York

So June was a busy month. I got married in the UK on the 1st of June, we threw a ‘newlyweds’ fete’ on the 2nd of June and then I flew back to Dubai for a few days before heading to NYC to complete a work project with a special client. My husband decided to join me for the trip and we made a sort of mini-moon out of it – adding a long weekend break to The Hamptons (more on that later).

Once I had wrapped up filming with my client we had a few days to enjoy NYC and be total tourist geeks. The best best best place we visited during this time was Grand Banks. And since it was so amazing and I had never heard of it before, I decided it was important to share the love… Because you have to visit this place on your next trip to NYC.


Grand Banks is an oyster bar/restaurant but it’s got a pretty fantastic twist – it’s contained on a historic fishing boat, which bobs along the Pier 25 Play Area. Now I have read a few negative comments about Grand Banks since we visited, and mostly it’s people complaining that it is too busy. I think that’s just bad planning. We visited at a quiet time, and made an advance booking. We luxuriated on our table for two for many hours, and left just as it was getting a little “scene-y” (and yes – there was a huge line of “bad planners” waiting to get on the boat when we left).

Grand Banks was one of the highlights of our trip and honestly I could not fault the place. The food was absolutely divine. We saw oysters being pulled out of a fishing boat, heaved onto the deck of our historic F/V Sherman Zwicker boat and then served on plates. Reader: This seafood is some of the best you will ever taste. The caviar was also excellent. And the service was great. 10/10. I wish I could go back this instant…


Tips: Grand Banks is ideal for a early or late lunch in the summer (avoid peak hours). Make an advance booking. I’d advise against wearing heels since the boat rocks and gently bobs on the pier and the toilet is situated beneath the top deck. Take sunnies, wear sunscreen.