Recipe: The dreamiest raw, vegan chocolate mousse

vegan chocolate mousse

One of my favourite health food spots in Dubai – Comptoir 102 – does this incredible raw, vegan chocolate mousse and it’s totally amazing. Once I asked the waitress what was inside in under the guise of “potential food allergies” (naughty!) to see if I could recreate it at home. But alas. This never worked.

Then, the other evening whilst scrolling through my beloved Pinterest I saw a pin for a delightful, Comptoir 102-looking chocolate mousse. Well, I’ve cracked it dear reader. Here is the recipe for the dreamiest raw, vegan, chocolate mousse in all of it’s glory.

I adjusted the quantities for the original recipe, added dates and I omitted the hazelnuts – simply out of laziness. Feel free to add them, and play around with the recipe yourself. You could sprinkle anything on top of these beauties… But they are perfect enough on their own too.

This recipe creates around 8 mini mason jars of chocolate mousse. You need a good blender, I use the MagiMix 3200XL. You also need to refrigerate these before serving so they set nicely and are cold as a mousse should be – 30 minutes in the fridge is all you need.

vegan chocolate mousse c.jpeg


–4 organic avocados

–0.6 cup of raw organic cacao powder

–2 teaspoons of the finest vanilla extract you can get your hands on

–1 cup of organic, full fat coconut milk

–4 organic medjool dates

–8-12 tablespoons of raw organic maple syrup

Optional toppings: sea salt flakes, hazelnuts, seeds, bee pollen, berries, raw high cocoa dark chocolate.


  1. Carefully scoop out the avocado flesh and add to your blender.
  2. Add the cacao powder, vanilla extract, and coconut milk to the avocado flesh. Turn blender on.
  3. Pit your dates. Add to the blender.
  4. Once everything is evenly mixed, use a spatula to scrape down the sides and get everything back to the bottom of the blender.
  5. Add 8 tablespoons of the maple syrup.
  6. Stop the blender again, scrape down the sides. (You don’t want any avocado chunks in your pudding! Scraping helps make sure that the mixture is well blended and even.)
  7. Put the blender on for a little while longer. Stop the blender. Taste the mixture. From here, use the rest of the maple syrup as per your taste preference. Obviously the more you add, the sweeter it will be.
  8. Once the mousse has reached your desired sweetness spoon it out into your serving containers and refrigerate before serving. You can also add any topping that your heart desires (check above in the ingredients list for inspiration).
  9. Enjoy!

vegan chocolate mousse b.jpg