Breakfast of champions: How to make your own Acai Bowl (and where to buy frozen organic acai in Dubai)

Acai Bowl Dubai

Is the Acai Bowl the most Instagrammed food product of the last three years? Probably. Are they still beautiful and tempting despite their over exposure? Most definitely.

I love Acai Bowls. Not only are they easy on the eyes, they are easy on the belly too. Acai is basically a grape-like fruit, which is harvested from the açaí palm tree. The acai in your acai bowl is a frozen concentration of the pulp, and they are said to improve heart health, skin health, aid in weight loss, assist with digestion, improve your cellular health, boost the immune system and so much more. I’ve read about studies where acai helped reverse chemically-induced bladder cancer in mice and lower the levels of of selected metabolic disease markers in overweight subjects. Impressive stuff huh?

So I was pretty excited to find organic, unsweetened frozen acai during a recent online shop with Greenheart Organic Farms here in Dubai. I purchased a pack of 4 portions for AED24 and set about making my own Acai Bowl. Delighted with the results (this is the third day on the bounce I am eating it), I wanted to share the method with you. I hope you enjoy it…



–Two portions from the Raw Distribution, Organic Raw Acai Pulp available at Greenheart Organic (200g)

–A splash of pure organic coconut water (or your liquid of choice: You could use almond milk, standard milk, filtered water etc)

–An organic banana

–2 pitted dates (optional)

–Your favourite toppings: I use whatever fruit I have in. This time it was banana, mango, and pomegranate seeds. I also sprinkled on some chia seeds and a drizzle of honey. The world is literally your oyster here and there are so many different things you can use. Get creative! Use your fave granola, seeds, dried fruits, cacao nibs, nut butters etc. Search the #acaibowl hashtag on social media for Inspiration.


  1. First things first: You need your acai pouches to defrost a little. Leave them out on the side for a bit, or to speed it up, submerge them in warm water for a little while. You don’t want them to be liquid and defrost completely, but when they come out of the freezer they are too rock hard to blend. You need a happy medium.
  2. Once semi defrosted, add your acai to your blender. I use my NutriBullet for this.
  3. Pour in a splash of coconut water or whichever liquid you are using. Around an inch or so’s worth, in the bottom of the blender. It’s better to use too little and have to add more, than to use too much and have a sloppy acai bowl, so if you’re unsure, add it little bit by little bit and keep checking the consistency.
  4. If you want to sweeten it, add your 2 pitted dates. (You can also drizzle over honey to sweeten it if you like).
  5. Peel and chop your banana. Add it to the acai mixture.
  6. Whizz everything together. The consistency should be thicker than a smoothie.
  7. Pour your acai mix into a cute bowl and decorate with your favourite toppings.
  8. Take a picture and post it on Instagram. Duh. Tag me! @itshollywould

Tip: I’ve also eaten this in place of ice-cream and satisfied that craving instantly… So don’t limit yourself to eating Acai Bowls breakfast.