Beauty essentials: The only hair treatment that really works

Olaplex treatment dubai

“The only hair treatment that really works” is definitely a bold shout. And listen, there are lots of lovely masques, conditioners and other products that do a nice job of making your hair look and feel nice for a short while… What I mean by “really works” here is that this treatment is super long-lasting. It seems to do something to your hair from the inside, it’s like some sort of genius medicine…

Enter Olaplex. The wonder product in the spotlight today.

I was introduced to this beauty marvel at my hairdressers in Dubai, Maria Dowling. I’m a sucker for a new treatment or a buzzy new product and so I decided to give their new Olaplex treatment a go earlier this year, and I also purchased a small bottle for myself to take home to continue the treatment. And boy was I glad I did.

You see, every 4-5 weeks I have my roots touched up with a high-lift tint, sometimes I also have a toner put on … And sometimes I also have highlights. All for shiny, white white white blonde hair. But sometimes chemical treatments compromise your shine. That’s where Olaplex comes in. Now I don’t want to jinx myself, but my lid is in pretty good knick considering the amount of visits we pay to Maria Dowling for colouring and I swear that this little bottle of white stuff has helped so much.

The salon treatment is gorgeous, really relaxing and indulgent, and I definitely recommend purchasing the at-home step to complete the circle. It really helps. Straight after using Olaplex my hair feels healed. It’s genius. Give it a try.

So where can you find this in Dubai/UAE? And how often do you need to do it?

I believe Marquee in Dubai also offers Olaplex but don’t quote me. I do my treatments at Maria Dowling – location + details here. Depending on how often you colour your hair, I’d say in an ideal world you would do this treatment at the salon every other colouring visit, and do it at home on a fortnightly basis.

For the rest of the world, visit the Olaplex official website to find out more.