Breastfeeding essential: Meet the Haakaa

Haakaa Breast Feeding Pump

If I could recommend one thing to breastfeeding mothers (apart from moral support and “hang in there” vibes) it would be this: The Haakaa. No, not the awesome All-Blacks rugby dance. A single piece of BPA, PVC and Phthalate-free silicone, that’s literally been my very breast friend…

This genius little contraption gives me anywhere between 1-3oz of collected milk whilst I feed Lola on the other side – at every breastfeeding session. It doesn’t require batteries or a power cable. It’s silent. It’s pretty easy to use, discreet and very easy to clean.

So how does it work? Well, this chick demonstrates it really fabulously on a balloon:


…See! Genius!

I use the Haakaa pretty much every time I feed Lola. I then give her the day’s collected milk in one bottle before bedtime. Because like most women, my milk supply is at its lowest between 5-8pm, and like most babies, Lola is at her crankiest between 5-8pm! So I’ve kind of discovered that if I give Lola around 5oz of my milk via a bottle around 8/8.30pm, it really helps. Especially since as of 7 weeks she’s started sleeping 8+ hours in the night – I feel better knowing she gets that extra dose of milk before she goes down for such a long sleep.

I also get serious about collecting via my Haakaa if we are going out and I need to take a bottle – because I much prefer it to my battery-powered Medela Swing breast pump.

I purposely didn’t buy a pump until after Lola was born because I wanted to make sure we could both get our breastfeeding jam together. But I would recommend buying the Haakaa whilst pregnant because it’s not as expensive as other breast pumps (100AED vs 500+AED), and it will be so handy for helping you to get your milk supply up and even for collecting colostrum. It will also make the best baby shower gift.

I love it so much I’ve got three now (the original x2 and a bigger one with a suction base, plus the lid). The Haakaa is one of the things that I use most often, of all of the “Mummy and Baby things”, and the thing I couldn’t do without. Get yours here.